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New Brunswick companies have seen huge success trading with foreign markets.

Our largest exporters have made waves in a variety of industries, from petroleum and other sources of energy, to seafood, forest products, mined metals and frozen foods.

Meanwhile our community of 1,400+ SME exporters touch all of these industries and more, including our emerging information and communications technology (ICT) sector.

Here are the stories of some of our province’s most successful exporters.

Canadian Syrup Inc.: The Sweet Taste of Success

steeves logo

Roger Steeves’ family has been tapping trees on a farm in Elgin, New Brunswick for generations. First established as a business in 1869, his ancestors collected sap in buckets and produced maple syrup out of a shed. As time passed and innovations were introduced, the Steeves family kept pace, adjusting, improving and expanding with the times. Read more >


elandas : Providing technology solutions

Elandas Logo vert 2

A small company named elandas in Saint John, New Brunswick is providing technology solutions for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Specifically, elandas creates solutions for sales and marketing teams for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies that support ...Read more >

ClairiTech Innovations


When Serge Colin came to Canada from France about six years ago, he had lofty goals to connect his new business with his country of origin. A Civil Engineer specialized in Building Construction and Design, Serge Colin is also a Professional Engineer and has a Master's degree in Project Management.  Read more>

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