Why Key Export Sectors?

Composite materials or Manufacturing

Composite material manufacturing refers to the combining of materials to produce products that are often superior because they are stronger, lighter or less expensive to produce. Examples of composite material products can be found in boatbuilding, aerospace, packaging and building product manufacturing. Composites material manufacturing represents one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the world and, as such, presents significant export opportunities for New Brunswick companies.


Composites Cluster Group NB
Jean-Pierre Brideau, Executive Director
(506) 394-8666


Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) 
Mia Garland-Keeling, International Business Development Officer
 (506) 452-3993

OpportunitiesNB (ONB) 
Stephen Kelly, Export Development Executive

Roger Mailhot, Export Development Executive
(506) 453-6259

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